Fear free zone


Do I feel bad? Agitated?

Only if I am essentially afraid.

Because I believed a story.

A very convincing story! A loud story! A complicated story..

That I am subject to something outside of myself..

A victim.

In this moment, this exact moment now, what is present?

Outside of the thinking and the reaction to the thoughts?

The sun is shining. I am sitting on a settee. I can hear birds and traffic.

If I follow my fearful thoughts into an imagined fearful future or an imagined present,

I will continue to feel afraid.

The loud sound of fear.

Based on a story that I am telling myself is true.

So are there millions of others also afraid?

(That’s also a story – not a part of my direct experience..)

All the more reason to add love to the energetic mix.

Love myself enough to fully be present to and appreciate this moment.

Love myself enough to let go of thoughts and ideas which make me feel fearful.

The louder fear shouts, the more I am reminded to simply acknowledge its source as a reaction within me.

Notice the automatic reaction happening.

Embrace it as it is.

Simply continue to breathe the moment in and then out.

Over and over and over again.

Just as I breathe over and over and over again all my life long!

Reacknowledge the truth of the peaceful, still centre as where and who I really am.

And that is the opportunity of today – the same as in every day, every moment.

To live from that place, at peace with whatever is.

Do I really ever want anything other than that?




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